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The Refurbishment of Number 65 Calle Vargas

Santander , España

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According to data from the Institute for Energy Savings & Diversification, 30% of the energy used to heat or cool buildings is lost in over half of them. If this is avoided, it leads to big savings in gas and electricity bills and, even more important, it reduces atmospheric emissions of CO2, thus helping to care for the planet.

For this precise reason, there is now a tendency to try and make our buildings more energy efficient, with the installation of thermal insulation on the roofs and façades of buildings in cities.

One prime example was the refurbishment project to the building at number 65 Calle Vargas in Santander by the construction company Aljesa. With it, the building’s global energy consumption was reduced by over 30%, using almost 8,000 ceramic tiles by Keraben Grupo, cut one by one.

The project was a global refurbishment one, aimed at improving the building’s appearance and substantially reducing its energy consumption. It was designed by architect José Ángel Cicero and coordinated from beginning to end by project manager Emilio Fernández.



«José Ángel Cicero graduated and was awarded a Degree in Architecture from the Barcelona School of Architecture (ETSAB) in 2006. In 2008, he and his partners founded the architects’ studio Estudi MAGMA Arquitectes SLP. The firm has designed numerous different individual and group housing projects, in addition to others for public buildings. In 2011, MAGMA Arquitectes SLP joined forces with MSA in Barcelona, and MSAAGROUP was founded. José Ángel Cicero currently combines his work as an architect with projects in the field of cultural and artistic promotion. »

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