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Boutique Chocolaterie Puyodebat

Cambo Les Bains , Francia

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The Puyodebat chocolate boutique is located in the French town of Cambo Les Bains. It is one of two gourmet chocolate stores owned by Valérie and Christophe Puyodebat, a husband and wife team of master chocolatiers.


Midway through January 2018, the couple decided to revamp the store interior in order to give it a new air. The colour scheme was changed, wooden furniture was added together with brick wall coverings and iron beams, creating a store concept inspired by a retro industrial style. A theme that would be further enhanced due to the choice of wall covering:  

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The interior of this boutique, dedicated to chocolate, features vintage elements in keeping with the intended industrial style, such as an antique grinder, traditional jute sacks where the ground chocolate was stored and tube-shaped lighting, etc.


The two imposing sliding doors at the entrance open to reveal a fabulous wall of chocolate that will take your breath away. The liquid chocolate flows continually, tracing the name ‘CHOCOLATERIE PUYODEBAT’ in relief. This modern bespoke fountain was made in Italy especially for the Puyodebat chocolate factory. A second, identical chocolate fountain can be found in Dubai.


In addition, the Cambo Les Bains store also houses the Chocolate Museum (Musée du chocolat) where on certain days visitors can enjoy delicious free tasting sessions with delicacies such as Craquinettes (nutty caramel praline covered with crispy crêpe dentelle biscuits, a selection of fine chocolate bonbons, and chocolate with fruit, almond, praline and other irresistible delights.



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