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Alicante Airport

Alicante , España

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Fairbanks and his team of architects have developed all the work on two concepts: bioclimatic architecture and functionality.

With the construction of this infrastructure, the Alicante airport has a living billing with an area of 15,500 m2; the departures hall has an area of 27,000 m2; room baggage around 15,900 m2, the arrivals hall has 7,900 m2.

In total, an area of 333,500 m2, compared to 54,800 m2 covering Terminals 1 and 2. The coating of this new infrastructure is covered in ceramic pieces Keraben Group in a finish that mimics the texture of cement, with the quality and beauty of porcelanics.

The project provides for construction of new access and urbanization, expanding and adapting existing roads; remodeling-adaptation of the existing terminal to the new configuration.

The composition of this great infrastructure makes it a unique performance, both for its size and the diversity of work to be undertaken, being a work of great volume of civil engineering and building and facilities.

Architect Bruce Fairbanks

«The architect and designer of the New Area Terminal (NAT) Alicante airport is Bruce Fairbanks, from GOP Project Office.
The firm has extensive experience working together in the development of projects of different sizes and complexities., being known for their design projects for airports nationwide and abroad, as well as design of residential and urban spaces.»

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