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Nebaj schools

Quiché , Guatemala

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The Quiché area is characteristic for possessing a Mayan cultural legacy, which is readable in its inhabitants and its topography. These features were the starting point of the 7 schools, which seeks an architectural composition with three different languages: the tectonics, the huipil and the topography.

The choice of materials and construction system responded to the speed of construction requirements and the relationship that a material like concrete can have with the context of Quiché: a construction in cold appearance would seem an anomaly with the green surroundings and the different houses in the area. However, the weather, which is cold and misty regularly, makes the module mimetize and part of the immediate context.

We wanted that the huipil, an ornament, which is a necessary part of the dress of the inhabitants, be translated into the concrete skeleton fences, cheering and making the same relationship with both the dress color of the inhabitants as to vegetation site.

This project achieves therefore a relationship between topography, culture and the user, and in turn increases the perception of educational facilities in a neglected area. In addition it dignifies the several educational facilities located in places with a unique history as it was the one of the Ixil Triangle.

Architect Solis Colomer

«SOLISCOLOMER was founded in 2002. Its purpose was to create a firm interested in serving its clients by producing architecture with a global language, but that at the same time reflects the Guatemalan way of life. It aims to create design project that express their elements in an authentic way, maintaining the purity of its forms and materials.»

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