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Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel

Marbella , España

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Inspired by the best barrels woods, Portobello collection, on its Oak tone, offers warmth and comfort to its spaces. For this reason, the company We-Project, in charge of the Project Management, chose it to give naturalness to the rooms of this beautiful hotel located in Costa del Sol.

The naturalness of the ceramic pieces can be appreciated in tonality and texture in a perfect combination with the natural wood steps. This emphasises the realism that the Keraben pieces are able to reach. Portobello collection is made as for indoor spaces as outdoor, thanks to its different finishes, suitable for all kind of rooms, helping the continuity of the spaces.

Indoors, Verum studio combines the cubic light modules placed on the up part of the room with the traditional style of the lower one. The concrete pillars stand out, simulating reinforcements with metallic profiles. This creates a transition through the modern to the rustic style, where the Eames chairs take the main stage. All this harmonizes with the ceramic floor of Portobello collection on its Oak version, which combines with the natural wood employed at the stairs.




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