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The house on the hill

Valencia , España

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This single-family house located in Picasent (Valencia) is built on the slope of a hill, from which you can enjoy panoramic views of the whole of Valencia. The villa is characterised by its volumetric construction, which allows it to adapt to the uneven terrain.

This house consists of three main levels, which, in addition to adapting to the terrain, divide the house into areas and allow its long interior patios to receive as much natural light as possible.

The CasaInfinita Terranova Crema 75x75 porcelain has been used for all of the interior flooring, as well as outside in the anti-slip version, allowing the design to be expanded to give the whole house the same contemporary style.

Photography: Germán Cabo

Architect VIRAJE

«The Viraje studio was born in 2009 from the conviction of its three founders that another way of building and practicing architecture is possible.
From a small studio in the outskirts of Mislata, a team of multidisciplinary professionals with an "alternate" vision was formed to provide answers and generate solutions tailored to the new era the world of architecture now finds itself in. The team is made up of architects, technical architects, designers and engineers with the aim of covering all the areas that make up the architectural practice in the most complete way possible.»»

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