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Official Association of Administrative Managers

Valencia , España

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Solid Graphite 90x90
Khan White 37x75
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This comprehensive renovation project of the College of Administrative Managers of Valencia is based on offering a new concept of what an office is. The premises had been renovated more than 20 years ago, so this project was an innovation challenge. The goal was to improve the workspace and design a welcoming office adapted to the needs of today.

The main objective has been to convey elegance and closeness through the contrast of noble materials, such as wood, and more contemporary materials, such as black profiles and microcement. The link between order and design was achieved by creating all the furniture to measure.

Through the outer enclosure, it is possible to capture the attention of managers and passers-by. Access is gained through a transition space that, framed by a large lintel and accompanied by a large vertical garden, brings us closer to the most public space of the premises.

Wooden palette boards in the interior, a micro-cement counter, a shelf that acts as a filter for the most private area, a large meeting room and a careful selection of designer furniture and lighting gives the manager a 360º experience

For the association staff, thermal comfort is improved by strategically placing the work tables and creating a synthetic leather that visually connects the interior space with the exterior.

The general flooring of the premises belongs to Solid, in Graphite colour and 90x90 format, the IberoCasainfinita collection that represents all the characteristics of cement; the simplicity of the industrial style with the the ability to adapt to all types of spaces thanks to the softness of its design.

For the walls of the bathroom, the Khan collection by IberoCasainfinita, in White, has been selected in the format 37x75. This choice fits perfectly when you want to express the essential marvellously in minimalist spaces.

In short, the unification of space helped the comprehensive renovation project of an office in Valencia, contributing to the overall harmony, proximity, comfort and design.

Photograph: Germán Cabo.

Architect Destudio

«Destudio is an architecture, design, construction and interior design studio that employs a multidisciplinary team of professionals for residential, pharmacy, retail and office projects, among other specialisations, located in different cities.
Destudio approaches its architectural projects with commitment, not only in terms of aesthetics and functionality, but also sustainability and economy. In order to accomplish this, they manage the entire project, from the initial design, through the entire process, right up until the work is finally delivered.»

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