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Tiles as smooth as silk with Antislip Shoeless PLUS 02 mar 2018

Tiles as smooth as silk with Antislip Shoeless PLUS In keeping with our bid to innovate, this year we have launched a new non-slip finish even smoother than our preceding Antislip Shoeless finish. I bet you think that’s impossible!

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We are consolidating our architectural approach through BIM 17 nov 2017

In the construction industry, a revolution has made its mark recently. This relates to the BIM methodology, a new work model that is transforming the development of building projects, and now Keraben Group has also become a part of this new movement.

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Wood as a star feature. Inspirational designs using PaintWood by Metropol. 04 oct 2017

Industrial and vintage aesthetics are two key interior design trends that are here to stay. One brilliant strategy in the design of homes, offices or commercial premises is to find revamped uses for interiors or furniture. Industrial looks tend to be associated with spacious luminous open-looking backdrops, one good example being lofts. They are places where a touch of warmth is all too welcome, given their sheer size.

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5 Interior design trends for the coming autumn and winter 13 sep 2017

What key trends will we see in home design this coming autumn-winter season? We consulted some of the top professionals in this field and came to 5 main conclusions which you should take into account if you are planning to revamp your home:

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Houses with a taste of sea salt 06 sep 2017

In projects of this kind, where the setting plays such an important role, it is fundamental to take into account the home’s relations with these surroundings in the initial planning stage.

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Trends for terraces and pools 23 ago 2017

This is the perfect season for spending more time outdoors, or at least in the outdoor areas of our homes. Ceramic floor and wall tiles are perfect for terraces and pools.

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“New Memphis” Trends - The 80s design coming back with a vengeance 16 ago 2017

In December 1980, a group of young designers and architects met to fulfill a common goal - to offer a new creative approach that would hail a break from the sobriety and minimalism prevalent at the time.

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Cersaie: the most important ceramic tile trade fair in the world 09 ago 2017

Cersaie is the main international trade fair for the ceramic tiling and bathroom design industry. The expo is held in Bologna, Italy, and this year will be from 25-29 September 2017.

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Every-Day Cleaning of Wall and Floor Tiles 21 jun 2017

There are two main reasons why ceramic wall and floor tiles are so popular: their resistance and low maintenance. With just basic care, ten years on, a tiled floor can look just as good as the very first day. All that is necessary is to follow a few cleaning tips for its everyday care.

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Dressing up living spaces with ceramic tiles 07 jun 2017

It is a long time since ceramic tiles were solely restricted to areas like kitchens, bathrooms or façades.

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