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Family home in Piedras Blancas 27 ene 2022

This 400 m2 family home stands in a residential area at the entrance to the town of Piedras Blancas (Asturias).

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Pharmacy Consuelo Giner (Valencia) 07 ene 2022

For this project involving the complete refurbishment of a Pharmacy, Destudio opted to maximize the features of the premises, providing a unique design and 100% tailored to the client’s needs.

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6 interior design trends that will be sweeping the world in 2022 23 dic 2021

Your home should always be a reflection of you and your personality; the place where you feel more comfortable than anywhere else. But when it comes to choosing which interior design style suits you best, you may need a guide to discover the most important home decoration trends and find the one that defines your lifestyle.

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Keraben Grupo’s 3D online design tool steps up to the next level 13 dic 2021

Keraben Grupo has always aimed to offer you the best service and the best tools so you can go one step further and discover your true essence. For this reason, if you were already enjoying creating spaces with our 3D online design tool, you’re going to be amazed by our latest version. You are just a click away from discovering the tool’s new and improved interface!

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New features on Keraben Grupo’s 3D online design tool 11 nov 2021

The new product features that were presented at Cersaie 2021 are now available on our 3D online design tool.

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House in Gorgos 27 oct 2021

House in Gorgos is unveiled as a Comprehensive Housing Refurbishment project in the city of Valencia. With over 120 sq. m of usable area and a layout enhanced to the utmost, the clients were clear that they were looking to gain expanse and luminescence throughout the property. Accordingly, the Destudio team of architects has designed a home to be inhabited, enjoyed and adapted to today’s needs.

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Visit Keraben Grupo’s virtual stand at Cersaie 2021 18 oct 2021

Discover all the new products that Keraben Grupo displayed at Cersaie 2021 through a 360º tour of our stand. A design showroom that, under the creative concept “A Reflection of You”, allows visitors to immerse themselves in a memorable sensory experience in which they will see their true selves reflected. Their true essence.

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The Keraben Grupo’s product is a big hit at Cersaie 2021 04 oct 2021

The Keraben Grupo’s stand has received a multitude of visitors during the exhibition, eager to discover its range of ceramics through an innovative stand and under the inspirational legend “A reflection of you”. The Keraben Grupo’s stand has been hugely popular with buyers from all over the world, who have highlighted the concept of an open stand set up as design showroom, as well as the across-the-range consistency of the company’s products.

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Keraben Grupo will work on the development of ceramic tiles capable of inactivating virus, such as COVID-19, within the VIRUCER Project 17 sep 2021

The paramount importance of hygiene and disinfection for our health has been highlighted by the current COVID-19 virus pandemic. It is for this reason that KERABEN GRUPO has joined efforts with another two partners in the R&D project VIRUCER, which will work on the development of ceramic tiles capable of inactivating virus. In order to achieve an efficient solution to this problem, different ceramic coatings will be tested by KERABEN GRUPO for their virucidal properties.

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UNE Farmacia, innovation and quality in a single space 26 ago 2021

The fact that something is local and familiar does not mean it can’t be bold. UNE Farmacia is one of Grupo Keraben’s most recent projects, and amply demonstrates that this is possible.

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