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Renovation in "El Antiguo" district

San Sebastián , España

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This renovation project involved a building dating back to the 1950s or 60s in San Sebastián’s El Antiguo district.

Due to the local climate, water leaks and the passing of the years, the building’s exteriors needing renovating to give them an immaculate facelift in keeping with the local area. A ventilated façade was chosen as a solution.

To take even greater advantage of the building work, plans were made to install two lifts in the building to make life easier for its residents.

This required the construction of two columns on the outside of the façade. Thanks to the contrast that they make with the façade’s other materials, they manage to give the outside of the building a splendid whimsical geometrical appeal.

For the restoration work, over 500m2 of ceramic tiles by tile manufacturer Keraben were used, offering a unique combination of high-resistance durability and low-maintenance care.

Architect Íñigo Arizpeleta and engineer and director of the company AUGAR José Luis Ausín chose 100x50 beige and graphite-coloured tiles from the Lava collection for the façade, ensuring contrasting colours and shapes and a façade that makes an unparalleled visual impact.

Guidance in the selection of the materials was given by the company Bilbu Larogei, which supplied all the tiles for the façade.


Architect Íñigo Arizpeleta y Miguel Mateos | AUGAR

«Augar Rehabilitaciones, S.L is a young company conspicuous for its cutting-edge project management techniques. It is made up of a combination of veteran and younger professionals, guaranteeing knowledge of traditional building techniques and more innovative material-related know how. »

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