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Trends for terraces and pools

23 ago 2017
This is the perfect season for spending more time outdoors, or at least in the outdoor areas of our homes. Ceramic floor and wall tiles are perfect for terraces and pools.

Let's take a look at the latest trends.

1. Open Spaces:

Open spaces are, and we feel it’s  safe to say will be, a trend that's here to stay. Spaces known as 'sincere architecture' thanks to their transparency. Here's a quote from one of the great theorists: ''Modern achitecture doesn't imply the use of new materials, rather using existing materials in a more human way'' (Alvar Aalto).

For this reason, open spaces live side by side with - and often share - materials that are versatile and adapt themselves to either indoors or outdoors settings. At other times, ''open spaces'' are precisely defined by their floor and wall coverings.

2. Ceramic tiles for terraces and pools.

More than just ideal, these are the perfect solution, requiring minimum maintenance. The ceramic tile is also totally resistant to weather conditions (the fitting phase is very important here) and are long-lasting.

*Tip: choose grey tones to achieve a more modern look. Choose earthy or natural shades to create a welcoming feel.And remember, consider how much sun the tiles will be exposed to when choosing the colour.

3. The pool - the most important place in the home.

Pools should recieve the attention they deserve. Not just because we spend so much time in them, but because of how important they are to the home. A household with a pool usually revolves around the feature. Like a fireplace, but made of water. Ceramic tiling can help to frame this space in a way worthy of it. Curernt trends are for light shades, which are more resistant to changing fashions. Safety is also paramount. Anti-slip models allow you to enjoy your pool without worrying about anything else.




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