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Health Center Coslada

Madrid , España

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The project designed by Armilas Arquitectura in Coslada Health Center, was featured with Keraben material for it facade. We can see the Kursal Oxide collection in it.

The system used to implement the facade, is a fastening view system that works by supporting and retaining the fastener and the spring exerted on the edges and the inside of the plate. These staples are anchored to a primary structure of vertical profiles that are supported to once anchored to the wall by brackets support.

The design of the brackets and supports is it possible to replace one or more plates in the event that this were necessary, so easy and simple. It is also equipped with a dock that prevents the movement from vibration.

Architect Armilas Arquitectura

«The GEES study led by architect Enrique Fernández Mazarambroz and made up of young talents in the world of architecture, has as essential motivation the continuing education in all the different themes that make up its activity. They have done many projects in public buildings such as schools, health centers and high-schools as well as private projects of different sizes.»

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