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Hermanitas de los Pobres Convent

Pamplona , España

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The convent “Hermanitas de los Pobres” in Pamplona, dates from 2010. Three years before it was demolished to make way above this magnificent new building.

The new building occupies 3,000 square meters and is divided into four wings: 2 are aligned with the avenue Guipúzcoa and accommodate consultation, rehabilitation room and 72 rooms on one side and the dining room, kitchens and 6 apartments bed other. In the third volume is the hall and into the room, almost circular, is the chapel.

This time Keraben Projects & Contract, presents a flagship project where ceramics, when used between practicality and mysticism, allows us to almost touch the sky.

This construction combines ceramic pieces in 100x50 and 100x24,8, volatile, vertical and angular placement of one of the collections of the group. The interior lining, also made with ventilated facade concealed anchor, wraps us in an experimental, spacious and quiet.

The ceramic ventilated facade solutions enable greater energy efficiency and endless architectural possibilities, making it the ideal solution for the most constructive current projects. With modern and sober air, makes this new convent one of the most famous buildings in Pamplona.

Architect IPB

«"IPB provides comprehensive consulting services, architectural, engineering and validation for complex pharmaceutical world and other sectors such as cosmetics and food, residential-hospital sector and industry in general.

IPB bases its existence, its work and its success in the following values:. Independence, professionalism and comprehensive service »»

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