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Mariblanca 17; Vegafuente Apartments

Málaga , España

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Mariblanca 17, by Vegafuente Apartments, is a renovation and recovery project of a 19th century building located in Malaga’s historic centre. The aim has been to retrieve all the original elements of the initial building, finishing off the apartments with everything required to enjoy a time of luxury and disconnection.

These are high-level tourist apartments with a cosy and avant-garde decor, using top-of-the-range materials and natural fabrics. In addition, the huge value-added of carefully considered lighting has been taken into account.

As for the flooring and cladding of the apartments, several collections of the Keraben brand have been selected. As regards the flooring of the common areas and homes, the 75x75 format in Beige from the Mixit collection was the tile of choice, offering unprecedented versatility for any environment.

Moving on to the flooring in the terraces of the accommodation, the 75x75 format in Antislip finish, also in Beige, from the Mixit collection, has been used.

All the bathroom cladding of Vegafuente Apartments has benefited from the 30x90 format of the Mood collection, in White, accentuating the neutrality this colour provides. In addition, its slate-inspired design makes it possible to combine basic pieces with embossed decorations that evoke natural geometries.

Photograph: Aeropic

Interior Design Studio: Mariate Lario


Architect Mariate Lario

«Mariate Lario is an interior design studio with over 20 years’ experience in the province of Malaga, specialized in projects of comprehensive renovations and interior decoration. The studio focuses on a range of works, from housing, hotels and restaurants through to site supervision. It services include a visit to the space and a preliminary design, quotations and works management. In addition, the studio considers the decor and finishes, taking into account the space and light, to adapt each order to the client’s needs. »

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